Non-Basmati Rice (PR11)

Parmal Rice 11 or PR 11 is a long grain premium Non-Basmati Rice produced in the Haryana, Punjab, and Uttar Pradesh states of India. It has uniform grain size and doen not stick after cooking. The average grain length is 6.80 mm+.
It enlarges almost double if cooked properly. It form is available in White Sella, Sella/ Parboiled, Steam and Golden Sella.

We supervise the packing process and various packaging quality standards are followed in order to ensure that the rice is packaged in the clean and hygienic environment.

Packaging is done as per the customer’s requirement in PP Bag, Jute Bag, Cotton Bag, or Non-woven Fabric Bag packing.

PR11 White Sella Non-Basmati

PR11 Golden Sella Non-Basmati

PR11 Steam Non-Basmati